Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tangential News

Here are two news bits indirectly related to Freja. I normally don't post about stuff like this, but I think both bits are pretty important and could potentially impact Freja's future projects.

-Model Whispers broke the news earlier today that Steven Meisel is shooting this year's Pirelli calendar. He's already booked Anna Selezneva to star, giving us good reason to believe he's favoring a more high fashion girl instead of the expected VS/Sports Illustrated bombshell type. (Good news for Freja and flat chested models everywhere...lol) Now that Freja and Meisel are regular collaborators, maybe we'll see Freja in the calendar again this year. We'll have to wait until more news is leaked, but her chances are as good as anyone else's. From always being stereotyped as the androgynous tomboy, to possibly (hopefully) two appearances in the Pirelli calendar? Transformation and career 180 indeed.

EDIT: Apparently now it's Mario Sorrenti. Ugh, this is why I usually stay away from news posts. Boo.

-Fashionista reports that Alex White is leaving W Magazine. It's still a rumor, but if it's true I'll be disappointed for sure. WWD has confirmed it. :( Freja and Alex have worked a lot together, going all the way back to 2005 with this editorial (the second one by M&M). In addition to styling nearly everything that Freja has done for W (including this beautiful gem), she has also styled Freja's Chanel campaigns. It's a pretty big shake up, though perhaps not entirely unexpected. (I think Enninful replacing her is unexpected, but very exciting.) There have been lots of changes at W since Tonchi took over, and rumors of Alex leaving have floated around before. I just thought this was interesting seeing as how Alex and Freja work together quite a bit. So with this news, and news that Carine is taking over styling duties for the upcoming Chanel campaign, I'm not sure where things stand now or if any of this even really matters for Freja. But it's interesting nonetheless....at least to me it is. Tell me I'm not the only freak who's more intrigued by behind-the-scenes wheelings and dealings than I am by simple editorials. I can't be the only over-analyzer, right? ;)

So that's it for now.....like I said, tangential news to Freja, but news still worth paying attention to if you're intent on tracking her career options.


Miranda said...

It can't be coincidence that I

1) Already somehow knew which editorial you were referring to by "this beautiful gem" even before I clicked on the link (it's one of the few editorials that I personally own in print of Freja since she's been working with W less and less since I started subscribing a bit too late).

2) Had a premonition of sorts about Alex White. The other day, I was absentmindedly leafing through the latest issue of W when I flipped to the masthead, scanned it. I panicked because I thought that she was gone but then I realized that I had simply overlooked her name (as I don't usually glance at the masthead). But I hope it's not true--I hope Alex White stays at W...

Oh yeah, it's been a while, by the way! :)

Rrose Sélavy said...

^It's been a very long while! Too long. Nice to see you again. :) And are my tastes that predictable? lol.

Kold_Kadavr_flatliner said...

You're quite gorgeous, girl. Please make Heaven, gorgeous, and I'll be your servant forever, feeding you baklava and Starbucks and kiss'n your adorable feet. God bless you.