Saturday, April 16, 2011

On a Roll

It seems like nearly every brand Freja is associated with these days turns to gold. According to WWD, Valentino has reported increased sales:
"Valentino sales in the first quarter are up at least 40 percent and wholesale sales of the fall collection improved 35 percent over last year."
If you're keeping track, that's three brands so far who's sales have gone up since Freja has been featured in their ad campaigns. The first was Harry Winston and the second was Georg Jensen. All the brands represent fairly diverse product sectors and target audiences, which is a good thing because it indicates that Freja's appeal cuts across a wide swath in the high-end market. She's a high fashion model no doubt and her image seems to sell high-end goods very successfully.

It's such a paradox because we usually don't associate an image like Freja's tattooed, rebel one with expensive goods. But I guess the rest of the world that exists outside the model-obsessive bubble doesn't know a thing about Freja other than that she looks good in print.

Oh, and it should be no surprise to anyone that the region where Valentino is seeing the most growth is China. No wonder they went with Freja for the new Valentino perfume campaign. But will they go with her a third time for their ready to wear campaign? I have no idea, but they'd be ridiculous not to.

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