Friday, April 22, 2011


I think a lot of people are feeling some reservations towards the new VP under Emmanuelle Alt. There's no spark, no excitement, no surprises so far. Everything Not only does that sum up the new flavor of the magazine, it also sums up Freja's first editorial for the magazine (under Alt) as well. When you think of rockers, music, the stage and gritty atmospheres, there's usually an underlying danger and anticipation of thrill. Yet somehow that's not translating correctly across the page for me.

Vogue Paris May 2011
Ph: Inez & Vinoodh

I don't know if it's the styling, the photographic aesthetics, or the hackneyed theme. There's just nothing special about this, which is kind of a letdown since we all know music is one of Freja's passions. Having her play a musical rockstar/diva would presumably result in something amazing and charismatic. But instead we get a mish-mash of flat (pun intended) photographs. Hello random yellow/black border on two pics, random color gels on other pics, and the occasional b&w pic throw in for good measure. Freja is the only cohesion I see here, but even so she's nearly overshadowed by all of the other elements. Maybe they were going for a "tour diary" type of theme with snapshots? If that's the case, then the story works better, but it could have been so much more. Especially since the first released image was so promising. Oh well.

At this point, I think VP is playing it safe and (hopefully) marinating on ways to stir up some controversies for the future once the magazine has attained full stability again. But I'm not going to hold my breath. On a positive note, it's always great to see Freja in VP. The magazine will always have a cachet signifying models who are at the very top of the game. And how great is that third shot with the reflective stage floor? Imo, that is the saving grace of this editorial, and that is what's keeping it from being a complete waste of talent like Freja and Inez & Vinoodh.

On an unrelated, but more lighthearted note, some more details about the upcoming Chanel video have surfaced.

"...30-minute movie called “The Tale of a Fairy,” with Freja Beha Erichsen, Anna Mouglalis, Amanda Harlech and Kristen McMenamy, which will be shown in Cap d’Antibes next month during his cruise presentation."

Not going to lie....I'm so looking forward to the delicious, laugh-out-loudness this is going to be. :D

Image Credits: fashion_screen LiveJournal


Anonymous said...

Dear god, I want Carine back. How could they make such a lame ed with the model who is perfect for rock star story/image?

I hope Freja is VP's favorite despite the absence of Carine, but not like this.

Anonymous said...

MFTE, The preview looked quite interesting but the rest of the editorial is quite a disappointment. A rock and roll theme would be right up Freja's alley but the styling and execution is very rushed. The only positive I am taking away from this is that she is still in VP's radar. Also, looking forward to KL's next lulzy movie. I don't think I have every watched any of his movies in its entirety; always succumb to the second-hand embarrassment. VP was already going downhill with Carine. Alt seems to have sped up the process.

Anonymous said...

...also, A+ on your choice of music. I have been listening to Oh Land on repeat for a while now.

Gill Ford said...

My heart was actually breaking as I read this, I thought you weren't going to comment on how gorgeous that third shot is! I was quite prepared to chuck a tanty at you, and then you mentioned it, so I smiled and was contented :)

As for the "downfall of VP", I'm actually quite excited to see how it turns out under Alt, to be honest. Things are bound to be rocky for a little while as she gets used to her new responsibilities, but I think Emmanuelle will become a suitable replacement for Carine in the long run. She was always going to be a bit more reserved than Carine, but I'm not entirely convinced that that will end up being a bad thing.

Something that I completely ADORE her for is that she's shifting more emphasis towards the words in the magazine. Nobody seems to actually read glossies anymore, they just flick through and look at pictures... I've made no secret about how much that fact pisses me off. The artistry of VP will likely suffer for a little while with the changes taking place, but I'm personally more than happy to continue purchasing VP each month, especially if it's aiming to transcend the traditional picture book format and increase the more intellectual side of the publication.

@kunklebunkle: I completely agree. Nanna doesn't know it yet, but we are actually best friends. Like, forever.

Also Rrose, I'm pleased to see some VV and Hotel. High fives.

Rrose Sélavy said...

@ kunkle: omg I've seriously been listening to her nonstop for the past two weeks. I need

@ Gill: lmao at "chuck a tanty." Haven't heard that one before. :P And VV is boss. she eats overexposed, talentless pop stars for breakfast.

Niandra said...

Letdown, indeed. Looks so random and rushed. I hate the styling. So...trite, I guess.

Hah, oh gosh, I cannot wait for the Chanel video for the same reasons. Oh Karl...never stop.

ange said...

how amazing is that third picture?

Anonymous said...

Freja would have brought something entirely different and unique to this editorial, and there are some essences of it as suggested in the first, third and seventh picture. But the styling is what you'd expect; it almost gives off a generalisation of the eras where rock and punk were at there most popular. There are quite a number of simple mistakes here. Half-hearted tries of a "rockstar's" hotel room and modern cars in the back of one of the photographs. Completely agree with everything you have said! Freja is almost unnoticable. If it weren't for my interest in her work, I wouldn't have noticed it was her. said...

brilliant funky style, I kind of remember that one episode ANTM has where they feature FAKE fashion.

Anonymous said...

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