Friday, May 14, 2010


The upcoming June issue of W Magazine has an editorial featuring some of the many great models on the roster of IMG in a Fall fashion preview. Running the gamut from industry legend (Liya) to newly crowned it girls of the moment (Julija & Sam) and everyone in between, Freja manages to snag the opening shot for the whole story:

Best In Show
W Magazine June 2010
Ph: Craig McDean
Styling: Alex White

This marks only the fourth time that she's worked with McDean. The last time they worked together resulted in this brilliantly dynamic editorial for Interview magazine. And even though there's just this one shot for W, it's another great one. What better way to drawn in an audience than with a captivating, beautiful, and distinct face? Now frame that face with gloriously curly hair, and a fuzzy gray sweater and you have the perfect picture of Fall.

Even though I wish Freja and McDean would collaborate on more only-girl editorials (3 out of the 4 times they've worked together have resulted in one-shots like this), having something short but sweet is better than having nothing at all.

I also have to wonder if this is the last time we'll see Freja styled by Alex White? With Stefano Tonchi now at the helm of W, Alex's position there is uncertain as staff shuffles are likely to continue happening. And that's really too bad because Freja has been a consistent fixture in W under Alex's styling hands. But perhaps she'll continue styling for Karl and Chanel, and perhaps Freja will keep on landing Chanel campaigns. One can only hope for the best, since this is most likely the last time we'll see Freja in W for a while now that Tonchi wants to take the magazine in a different direction. Think more "lifestyle" (read: celebrities) and less "fashion" (not that there was even that much to being with). Yeah, I'm a little bitter.....

Oh well, more international magazines it is!

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Anonymous said...

I love Alex's style so much,and i can't understand why Tonchi want to change direction……

Anonymous said...

What happened to Freja Fridays?

COCAMIA said...

Stunning photo of Freja!