Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bits and Bytes

Just some news and upcoming things to be aware of:

-In case you forgot, the Chanel Haute Couture show is set for this Tuesday, January 26th.

-Freja's made it onto her first cover of the year. Nevermind that it's shot by Karl, features three other models (Heidi, Abbey Lee, Baptiste), and is for Numero Homme. A cover is still a cover.

-Look for a new editorial shot by Terry Richardson in the upcoming March issue of Vogue Nippon. A preview can be seen here, and below thanks to tFS member s'gnac.

-Speaking of upcoming work, don't forget that we have the Spur story and the Purple editorial to look forward to. Not to mention that New York fashion week begins in a matter of days.

Busy busy! As happy as I am for all this new work, I sure hope Freja isn't overworking herself to exhaustion. Remember to take care of yourself girl.

Image Credits:, snap by tFS member s'gnac


Miranda said...

I like the Numero Homme cover for some unknown reason, and I'm really anticipating how Freja's editorial will look in Vogue Nippon... if only I could actually be in a place that had it available on the stand so I could buy it when the time came...

Pixie Dust said...

Freja is gorgeous. Doesn't the name 'Freja' meen something like goddess actually? :)
I like your blog a lot, glad I found it :))
Have a look at mine too, if you have the time - comment/follow if you like of course :))
Much love <3