Friday, January 8, 2010

Meisel Once More

So remember what I said in the last paragraph of this post? Well, this is once instance where I'm absolutely, positively thrilled to be proven wrong. Freja is once again one of the girls featured in Steven Meisel's latest editorial for Vogue Italia. If you're keeping score, that's now two times in a row that they've worked together.

We only have previews so far like the picture above, and it's unclear whether or not this editorial was shot in an unique way like the last editorial where the girls shot themselves. Even if that's the case, Meisel is still working with Freja now and I'm still shocked. How do you suddenly go from one extreme to the other like this? Although, since he did go from working with Elise and Daria a lot to not working with them at all now, it's possible that the opposite could happen like it seems to be happening with Freja. If any one has any insider insight into this and is willing to share, my e-mail's to the right. ;)

Nevertheless, I'm still a little skeptical since both editorials have featured large, multi-girl casts. Until Meisel photographs Freja for something like an ad campaign, the VI cover or a solo-girl editorial, I'll have a hard time believing that he's actually changed his mind about Freja. Does he read tFS's "Most Viewed Models" thread or something? Is her fame too much to ignore that he caved to the pressures? I doubt that because he's such a big name and legend in fashion that I don't see him bending to anyone else's whims. There must be some explanation for this right? Or maybe I should just stop wondering why and just be happy for the who, what, where and when.

Image Credits: scan by tFS member BLACKLAB


Laurianne said...

Yeah you're right, it's great that Meisel works with Freja but it has always been for a multi girls ed. So I need to see Freja and only Freja in front of Meisel's lense! And then I will jump all around the room!

Anonymous said...

Freja is featured a lot in the ed too, weird.