Tuesday, January 19, 2010

She's Back

It is so nice to see Freja modeling for Vogue Paris again. All I can say is it's about freaking time. The last time Freja showed up in VP was way back in April of 2008, and even then it was only in the supplement for a feature about "top models." If we're talking real editorial work, her last appearance was back in March of 2007. What took you so long Carine? Ugh, better late than never again I suppose. I just have a hard time comprehending how a model like Freja goes for nearly three years without showing up in VP, while other models at her level and caliber like Lara, Raquel and Natasha seemingly show up in every issue. Underrated I tell you, completely underrated. But then again, so many wonderful models are also underrated so it's not like I have anything to complain about. Anyway, here are only a few of Freja's shots so far but hopefully proper scans will surface soon.

Vogue Paris February 2010
Ph: Inez and Vinoodh

All complaints aside, this year has already been really good to us fans. We've seen Freja work with Meisel twice in a row and now she's back shooting with Inez and Vinoodh in VP. Seems like all my whining about Freja only working with Karl and only doing androgynous editorials has finally paid off. Maybe someone in her camp reads this blog? (Ha. Fat chance.) Maybe just putting those thoughts out there in the universe was worth something? In either case, I'm going to take this opportunity to throw this out there: I'd love some front row tickets to NY fashion week. (If I say it enough, it's also bound to happen right?)

In all seriousness, I don't actually believe blogging about my apathy actually had anything to do with this sudden change in the tone of Freja's work. I believe Freja is smartly managed. Anyone with half a brain could see that she was getting way too pigeon-holed and limited in her work as a model. People were getting tired of the same old shtick, including long time, hard core fans like myself. It is good to have a niche within the industry, but you also want to strike that perfect balance between having a trademark style and being malleable to others' visions. Versatility and the element of surprise are also necessary keys to producing longevity and keeping those jobs (and that money) flowing in. And lest we forget, IMG is a huge company and we'd be very naive to think they didn't take a hit during the economic recession....everyone took hits. So I think they've been extra careful and calculating with their top money making girls like Daria, Lara and Freja. This could explain the changes we've seen in Freja lately, not just in her work but also in her persona off the runway. I don't know...

Also, Freja may appear laid back and slightly indifferent about being a model, but I really don't think she's that nonchalant about her career. I honestly believe you don't attain her level of success and recognition without really working hard, being smart, and wanting it. Basically what I'm trying to say is that she knows what she's doing and I hope...I think...this means 2010 will be another good year for her in terms of good work.

I'm rambling again about stuff I think I know about; but in actuality, I probably don't have a clue. I'm just happy Freja's back in VP and I hope it's not another three years before we see here in there again. She looks wonderful and strong in the editorial, matching Lara pose for pose and expression for expression, which is no easy feat. I wish she and Daria had some shots together but I'll take what I can get. Freja hasn't looked this fresh and rejuvenated in a long time and this gets me excited. It's such a nice thing to feel once again and hopefully it lasts.

Now onward to couture shows and the FW1011 season!

Image Credits: Scans by tFS member Laetitia


Anonymous said...

Maybe it's because I lvoe her, but I only want to look at Freja in all of those shots.
And VP totally cream off Lara Stone. She's gorgeous but come on Carine.

COCAMIA said...

Her presence is so magical! I think only a few models have it!

Anonymous said...

I definitely think Freja is focused on her career in a very laid back kind of way. She shows up, does her best, and doesn't appear to stress over it much.