Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Big news of the day is the release of the annual Pirelli calendar in Moscow. With Karl at the helm, is it any surprise that Freja is included this year? You gotta love him for being so loyal.

Back when the news broke in April that Karl would be the photographer, I'll admit I was a bit skeptical about Freja's odds of being included. After all, the Pirelli Calendar is about sexy pin-ups with a high fashion twist. And no matter how versatile I think Freja is as a model, the last thing that people associate her with is sexy pin-up girl. But no matter now, since Karl has managed to pick a theme that allows him to integrate all his favorite models into the calendar: Greek and Roman mythology.

And no surprise here, Freja plays the male roles of Apollo, Pollux and Orpheus. So Karl has managed to both exceed and let down my expectations. Exceed in the sense of his unconventional casting choice of Freja (and even Iris) for this calendar; let down in the sense of his trite role assignment. Freja in a masculine role....wow, never saw that one coming (rolls eyes). At least there is some unexpected gender-bending going on with Abbey as Castor and Anja as Hermes. I like to see models taking on new roles and challenges, and at this point I feel like Freja (through no fault of her own) hasn't been given much opportunity to do so. C'est la vie I guess.

Regardless, I am excited to see what the final images will look like. The images that have been released so far are really beautiful. They're classical in all the right ways, and everyone looks gorgeous--real, physical embodiments of the gods they're asked to play. So I'm leaving myself open to the possibility that I'll be pleasantly surprised, and that roles won't matter in the face of beauty. Your thoughts on Freja and the calendar?

ETA: Here's the first image of Freja

Image Credits: pedestrian.tv


Flaviavn said...

I want to say that you've made a fantastic blog. I love Freja and I love your writing style. About the Pirelli calendar, Im not gonna lie, Im so excited for it, only because of Freja. I really don't mind she plays the male roles since she doesn't mind it.

Anonymous said...

While I still think it's an interesting take on the calendar, it would have been nice to see Freja portrayed as some sort of nymph, surely if anyone can do it, Karl can.
Her face is beautiful in that picture but something about the body makes her head look superimposed. Can't wait to see more though.

Mico said...

you don't andswer me :(

Rrose Sélavy said...

@ Flaviavn: Thanks. :)

@ mico: I don't know. sorry.