Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Many Faces Of

My recent post got me thinking about the upside of Freja's deluge of work, and pictures can say it better than words can:

With so much work to be seen, we get a true sense of how versatile Freja really is. In many cases her reputation precedes her and people write her off as only belonging to the tough and edgy category. But all of this work, side by side, really reveals the often underrated subtlety and quality of her transformative abilities. Freja is a model who is capable of giving people what they want, when they want it. She is simultaneously all things to all people, and yet utterly true to herself for we never lose sight of her individuality amidst all the makeup, styling, concepts and characters. She is both chameleon and persona. Malleable and distinct. Once again toeing the line between extremes, existing in the space between where the paradox resides.

This paradoxical quality makes her instantly intriguing, captivating and mysterious. How does she do it? How does she go from punk to glam so effortlessly? This is one of things about Freja that has grabbed a hold of me and will never let me go. So no matter how I much I complain or whine, I could never walk away from a model this talented and hardworking. Can you imagine any one else being able to take on all these different roles so thoroughly and successfully? Any one else who could do it with both aplomb and humility? No? Neither can I.

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newmanbuster said...

Well, you couldn't have stated it more eloquently as to why we have seen so much of Freja this year. I think that the photos really do speak for themselves and give your last post all the evidence of why she is at the top of the fashion scene right now. For these reasons alone, she remains a model to follow. One never knows what we will see her in next. There does always seem to be a surprise around the corner these days. Sometimes the work may seem familiar but then at other times, it is totally new and a departure. It has really been a pleasure seeing her career evolve so far.

newmanbuster said...

Just one more thing, I really would have loved to have seen the photos that would have been produced if Freja had been able to work with Avedon, Penn and Newton. No disrespect to all of the photographers that she has worked with over the years, it's just a dream collaboration of mine.

Rrose Sélavy said...

^ Totally agree. Those collaborations would have been amazing. But then again, I was expecting a lot from Freja by Hedi and I feel like what we got wasn't nearly as good as what it could have been. So maybe just because something sounds like it should work, doesn't always mean it does? Too bad we'll never know. :(