Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Campaign News - LV

I'm pretty much awe struck right now by this news:

I don't know if it gets any better than this. Kristen, Raquel and Freja by Meisel? Holy crap! Talk about talent overload. I just hope the results live up to the reputation of all those involved. And even if it doesn't, the pedigree of this job is enough to make me so excited and proud that Freja is included. She isn't the first name to come to mind when you think Louis Vuitton, especially since the last few campaigns have conditioned me to think of big name celebrities (Madonna) and traditional super models (Christy). But Freja can do glamorous, and she can do luxury; so under the guidance of Meisel I have high hopes for something great.

With Chanel and now Louis Vuitton on her campaign list, the S/S 11 season is turning out pretty well for Freja. Not as good as last season, but I think most of us know by now that the F/Ws seem to suit Freja and her aesthetic better anyway. And who knows....maybe we'll be surprised by more campaign news. After all, this entire year and has been nothing if not chock full of surprises. :)


Anonymous said...

Fantastic. Two of my favorites working with Meisel. This just made my day. Although the clothes at LV this year were kinds meh. I hope Meisel and the models can bring them to life in the campaign. YAY! I am so excited to see the end result.

Annika said...

Oh my god!! I'm always appreciative of Raquel getting her due and Kristen! by Meisel! So good! Not only this but she looks stunning in the Pirelli preview picture, too.

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