Friday, November 12, 2010

Acting Break

Remember this little gem? Yes, the Chanel Pre-Fall video from last year that had Freja portraying a Chinese peasant girl and a Chinese courtesan. Well this year we won't have to suffer through get to enjoy another brilliant piece of film making from Karl because WWD reports that he "...had no time to make a movie," for this year's Chanel pre-fall collection. So Freja won't be in yellow face, or black face, or some other face, to complete Karl's ballsy display of cultural insensitivity. And we won't have to sit through a laughable, but endearing in a weird way, video as we squirm with second hand embarrassment. In fact, it seems like this year is all about modesty and intimacy since the show is not even being held in some far-flung, exotic location as past experience would dictate. No London, Moscow, or Shanghai.

Instead it's being held in the good, old City of Lights.....Gay Paree! Rue Cambon to be exact. Tuesday, December 7th. So mark those calendars, because chances are Freja will be there. Gosh, I can't even remember the last time she missed a Chanel show, be it ready-to-wear, haute couture, resort or pre-fall. Maybe during the infamous SS09 season? Anyway, as WWD reports:
"After taking over every square inch of the vast Grand Palais in Paris for its spring ready-to-wear show earlier this month, Chanel is reverting to more intimate environs for pre-fall. On Dec. 7, the French house plans to show its latest métiers d’arts collection — a luxury rtw line made with the specialty ateliers Chanel owns — where it all started back in 2002: at its Rue Cambon couture salons."
So it seems like Freja fans will get their next fix in just a little less than one month. We might be entering into the holiday season, but fashion never rests. After all, the trends can't set themselves!


Anonymous said...

your smart, funny, sarcastic and stuff.

Anonymous said...

LOL thank god. Now he can focus his attention on the more important things. I don't think I have watched any of his mini-movies in full. So much second hand embarrassment.

Anonymous said...

Karl Lagerfeld and his movies… Evidently, even seemingly unlimited amounts of money and resources do not warrant quality. But wouldn’t you say that the “Focus on accessories” video he did for the SS 2011 Chanel show felt a lot like an actual film and in this case a pretty good one? I have to admit, I fell in love with the video the first time I saw it. In fact, it got me so excited that I started a blog and wrote a pretty emotional rant about the film as my “inaugural post”. Hopefully, next time Karl Lagerfeld picks up a video camera, he will remember that as long as everyone sticks to what they know best, less WILL BE more!