Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Time Has Come

Showcards are out, and true to IMG's usual form, there's little to be had in terms of bells and whistles here. The formula being: take a recent shot, slap it on a one color background, add stats and call it a day. Minimal effort....or should I say minimal "design." But when you're an agency as big and powerful as they are, I guess you don't need a lot of superfluous visuals. You can just let the overall image, power and attractiveness of your board speak for itself. With perennial powerhouses like Lara and Freja; rising stars like Jac and Frida; and new faces like Ajak and Barbara to manage, maybe IMG doesn't have the time to shoot, design and create anything other than what they did.

Still, it would have been nice to see some creativity in their cards, not that I was really expecting it. However, this season theirs looks even more mundane when compared to the plethora of other packages, each displaying its own personality, image, and crafted message. All the other agencies seemingly stepped up their game and IMG either refuses, or doesn't feel the need to take part in the new intricacies of show package gamesmanship.

I actually go back and forth in my mind as to which approach is best. And maybe there isn't necessarily a "best" approach; but rather, an approach best suited for each particular board. It is just a bit of a letdown though. Oh's a safe bet that their models will make up for it on the runway. :) Thoughts? Do you think IMG should step it up?

Also, regarding the upcoming shows: I'll probably stick to my usual method of updating for the first show in a city, and then only doing another cumulative runway update at the end of said city. This way I can avoid repetitiveness and still retain some semblance of a normal life. If you happen to be in any of the cities during the shows, tips or pictures are always much appreciated. Sad to say my NY girl on the streets Cameo won't be there this season. :( I'm so grateful that we had your kind tips for a few seasons, and we'll miss you and your updates this time around Cameo!

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yantomycin said...

Well, i think i'm completely agree with you. IMG didnt feel like they have to step up their game becoz their gals are doing great without such unnecessary effort.

But like you said, its really mundane and its really looks like sort of fan-made kinda poster or something. For me, at least, they should made little bit better. Especially those red letters are too....out of place? Haha...idk... english is not that good looking...sorry for that.... :P

Rrose Sélavy said...

^Awww, your English is fine! Please don't ever feel like you have to apologize for it. :)

Float Ho said...

I do think that IMG has their strategy or at least their reason to do this. Because when other agencies tend to show fancy showcards, IMG feels like going ignorantly simple, cutting down on designing job and let the images do everything (it's a VP cover !).

What's more, on a model board where many other agencies' models have their cards very well-adorned, IMG stands out for we-dont-care cards. And I happen to think that when the cards are collected after the show, impression will be made on the designers about what is the girls' latest greatest achievement, how they performed (though cards do little in this case, but still...)

Am I being over-deductive ?

Anonymous said...

The back of Freja's card is a shot from that Tough Ballerina editorial by Craig McDean :)

This picture:

Anonymous said...

IMG DEFINITIVELy HAS TO STEP IT UP, being this powerful well known agency with some of the most prestigious models in the world "has to make an effort" to (lets say) prove why they are.

Perhaps its market position and corporate image is huge but it doesnt mean they should neglect any areas ... these showcards are hmmm (dotn even have a word) but leave a lot to wish for ... Freja has great campigns and all, but COME ON THE IMG HAS TO MAKE A BETTER JOB

M said...



Anonymous said...

awful showcards