Monday, September 6, 2010

Campaign Miscellany

-Valentino has released a backstage video from their F/W 10.11 campaign:

You can see Freja, Tati and Jac hard at work posing and working those camera angles. Most of them time I always find behind the scenes stuff infinitely more interesting than the actual final product, and this is really no exception. The film is in color and you get to experience that lovely dimension here, while it was sadly lacking in the print ads. We also lost a lot of the beauty and impact of the setting. Up until this campaign, the Valentino headquarters located in the Palace Vendôme had never been privy to public eyes. Did you see the gilded gold mirrors and marble busts? That kind of stuff is amazing, and color images would have done more justice to their beauty and history. I just think that if you're going to debut a place with such history behind it to the public eye, you should execute it with more venerability and deference.

-Freja is the face of two different Korean brands this season. Full image sets have been released and you can see them in their entirety at tFS. Small previews below:



Freja looks beautiful as always, but there is nothing groundbreaking going on here. And frankly, that isn't what I expect from foreign campaigns. The brands who can afford to hire international models like Freja are usually pretty commercial and mass-market in their respective countries. And when you deal with mass-market you deal with straightforward, broad appeal. No boundaries pushed, no predilections offended. You're trying to sell clothes to as many people as possible, and when you're not aiming for a very particular section of the population, you're aiming for the biggest chunk of it. Exclusive vs inclusive. Specific vs broad. High fashion vs mass market. Funny how Freja is seemingly considered commercial in Korea, while here in the US she's seen as more of an edgy, fringe model. Go figure.

Image Credits: ab.f.z via tFS members Jet luk, via tFS members candlebougie


yantomycin said...

Luv the valentino bts vid. Luv the way she handled her job, all smily (just like in the Hexa vid) and so relax. ANd that dimple too. SHe seems to enjoy and takes thing easy.

That's is inspirational for me, as i'm in the transitional period of entering working world. It's quite daunting actually. But freja taught me how to float. ;)

Juliet said...

All just so amazing!

juliet xxx

Elle said...

Hello, I want first say thanks to the autor of this blog because it's the best page abuout the career of this excepcional model, and you have a objective vision leaving the rumors of grilfriends and other superficial things for center the information in her work.

I love this campaings, espeially the shoot for ab.f.z, where she have a fierce look and reminds me she with her old short hair.


Robson/Jerome said...

I actually really like both of these shoots.....maybe its just me, but I much prefer them to, say, the Valentino campaign. I've been following Freja for a while now, and also following your blog (commented a few times but anonymously..), keep up the good work!
I wondered if you'd have any blogging advice? My friend and I are just starting out here.....we're doing a diary/fashion/random blog from our year abroad studying in Tokyo.
Meanwhile, fingers crossed for another great season for Freja, by a mile the best in the industry right now!
Hannah (Robson of Robson and Jerome haha)