Friday, February 18, 2011


Elsewhere and otherwise, it's not all quiet on the Freja front, for she just landed the new Numero #121 cover with Arizona Muse, shot by Karl Lagerfeld.

The sly smirk on Freja's face gives the cover just the right amount of intrigue. And it plays in nice contrast with Arizona's hard stare. So what would otherwise be a simple, straightforward cover concept is made quite interesting with the interplay of the models' gazes. Don't you feel like you could be intruding on a moment? Like they were just about to whisper secrets to each other. But Arizona is pissed off at your intrusion, while Freja invites it with her coy look.

And how great is it to see Freja being photographed by Karl again? If my memory serves me right, the last time they worked together off the runway was back in December for the Pirelli calendar. But the last time they worked together editorially was all the way back in April for Vogue Germany....nearly one year ago. I have to admit I was getting a bit worried about their editorial hiatus. I don't care if Karl isn't the best photographer, or if his fashion stories can be boring and hackneyed; I just like to know that Freja's still one of his favorites. What can I say? It's brings me comfort and stability when everything else around me changes faster than I can flick through a collection on

Anyway, are Freja and Arizona fashion's newest "it" pairing? Cover of January's Vogue Italia, editorial in March's US Vogue, and now this? I definitely don't mind as their looks mesh well together, and they seem to be good friends off the catwalk too. And maybe it's only appropriate to pair the two, as Arizona's new star status shines brighter and brighter each day, while Freja's never seems to diminish. Put the two together and it results in a wattage nearly too powerful to resist. And no one seems to be trying.

Image Credits: via tFS member Dieselmax, via tFS member IamLordZen


Anonymous said...

i think that karl loves freja
i~m very glad for her. may be she~s for him like daughter??? I hope you understood me> as my engl is poor.

Jessica said...
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cultcat said...

I hope Arizona doesn't replace Freja as Karl's favourite brunette waif. Other than that little worry, I like this pairing though the shot is dull and I can imagine the editorial will be just as boring.


yay! freja is so beautiful, not even karl could stay away for too long.

i'm also starting to like arizona, she's got that chameleon face.

i think in the two being paired up, freja will always stand out as having the classier, cleaner, more refined look. but hey, time will tell.

Mona Lisa Overdrive said...

Ah it's nice to see that Freja is still working despite her absence from NYFW (^_^). Now I'll be the first to admit that I'm not much of an Arizona Muse fan, but I think she's perfect in this photo. It's a great look for both models.

annie said...

this is one of my favorites posts of yours Rrose :)