Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Press Bits

Just a few recent mentions of Freja that I've rounded up:

-Fashionista doesn't like the current i-D covers featuring Lady Gaga, Kate and Naomi, but they do seem to like Freja. For once I find myself agreeing with them. I think we all would "take Freja over these any day" as well.

-Just last month, NY Mag's The Cut declared Freja the model of the Summer. It seems like their love affair continues as they wonder if the Fall season will fall to Freja as well. They point out that her momentum is going strong into the new season.

-Adding yet another positive firsthand account to the very long and practically flawless list, photographer Andreas Laszlo Konrath had good things to say about Freja when he shot her for New York Magazine's Fall Fashion portfolio. Catching her backstage at Jil Sander and Lanvin, here is part of what Konrath replied when asked about his favorite subjects:
"As for models, Karlie Kloss was the most lovely girl — really amazing. Freja Behar [sic] and Abbey Lee were also very cool and gave me a lot of their time at various shows."

You can browse images from the fashion portfolio here, and if you look through it you'll notice the sheer number of subjects and models Konrath shot throughout the course of the FW1011 shows. So to have Freja (along with Karlie and Abbey) stick out in his mind just reaffirms what we already know, and what we've heard time and time again from other backstage photographers, fans, and people who have had real life encounters with Freja. That she's one of the most affable, courteous, laid back, charismatic, alluring, agreeable, and down to earth models out there working today. Five years going through the ups and downs of the modeling world hasn't given her a big head, a nasty attitude or a sense of entitlement. That, probably above all else, is what makes me proud to be a fan.

-Lastly, no doubt you've been hearing and reading all about the planned events for Fashion's Night Out. The event is being held on September 10th in conjunction with the start of NYFW, and it will also span internationally with stores in countless other countries joining in the festivities with shopping events, concerts, meet and greets, etc. Having browsed through the events happening in NY, I think our best bet for a potential Freja sighting will happen the night before the big event, fittingly enough. Freja has always been one to avoid the spotlight and red carpet events, so I actually don't know if she's taking part in FNO at all. But if she is, I think there is a good chance we could see her at the Chanel dinner hosted by Karl, feting the re-opening of the Soho Chanel boutique.

She's one of the current faces of the brand, and she was just seen traveling with Karl in St. Tropez, complete with a classic Chanel 2.55 flap bag dangling from her shoulder. So I guess we'll see come September 9th....then again, if we don't see Freja at all I won't be surprised. I mean, every season I still hold my breath out of anxious anticipation until I see her on her first catwalk. Anyone else do this too? Just me? Oh...ok. :)

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Float Ho said...

Urgh~ I would die to see her at public events. I want to see a more outgoing Freja ^^.

Have you read posts about Freja on Model Behavior on tFS ? I saw ppl discussing her infamous history with Meisel and her angrily rubbing off makeup at Prada (ouch). Hope they're just rumours :(

Rrose Sélavy said...

^Yup, I've read all that stuff a while ago. Rumors or not, it's in the past now and I guess it doesn't really matter anymore. :)

Anonymous said...

You can see Freja throughout this documentary about Hexa by Kuho.

Anonymous said...

The second part

Rrose Sélavy said...

^Oh WOW! Thanks so much for the links! :)

I swear, I couldn't have kept this blog running as long as it's run without all the great contributions I get from all of you out there.

Anonymous said...

What's this about being angry at Prada?

Anonymous said...

@video: ppl find it a pleasure to work with her, that's what I see. Oh cuteness too.

first time see her with hair bun. Im sorry for paying too much attention on details, just cant help it

Float Ho said...
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Float Ho said...

Omg, what happened to Freja ? Why did they fan her ? Was it to stuffy in the room ? Someone please tell me she didn't starve till she collapsed like that. I notice how appropriate she was at the end of the show, she bowed down to the designer with her hand palms against each other. That's what we Asian often do when we salute or show respectful messages to someone. I think those words on the street cannot do anything, any more :)

Im happy that she didn't "sink", she "float"ed through it