Friday, August 6, 2010

New Image Roundup

One of the aspects of Freja's modeling that keeps me enthralled is her malleability. Whatever the aesthetic, whatever the concept, whatever the project, she always manages to fit the look. It's a quality that all the top models have, and I think it's something that is both inherent and earned through time, perseverance and dedication to craft.

This past week gave us three new sets of images that could not be more different in terms of tone, atmosphere, rhythm and styling. Once you see them all, side by side, there's no denying that the model who ties them together is talented and nearly effortless in the ease with which she adapts to her surroundings. Even if you don't like Freja (but why would you be reading this blog if that were the case?), you cannot deny that she's extremely good at her job. After writing about her and analyzing her for as long as I have, the fact that she still manages to surprise me is a very rare and special thing indeed.

-Mo & Co Edition 10
Parisian brand based in China? Anyone know more about the company? Anyway, here we find the sleek, modern warrior version of Freja complete with bright light weapon. Get in her way and she will destroy you.

-Dossier by Cass Bird
Freja will supposedly be on the cover of bi-annual publication Dossier, photographed by Cass Bird. Cass photographed the lovely Daria spread for the Spring 2010 issue, and if Freja's is anything like that then I know all the fans will be thrilled. Here we have the au natural, mother earth version of Freja. She's a vegan, loves horses, wears hemp clothing and possibly lives in a commune...or somewhere in Brooklyn.

-MaxMara Eyewear
This is still my least favorite campaign of the season....possibly even of Freja's entire career, but these eyewear shots are much better than the clothing shots. This is glamazon Freja. She's the woman who can afford Balenciaga and thinks recessions only apply to hairlines.

All joking aside, these three sets display the versatility that we as fans have lately come to enjoy....and I hope will continue to enjoy for a long time to come.

Lastly, big thank you to Betty at for the shout out. She's been a big supporter of this blog, linking me a few times already, and I truly appreciate the acknowledgment. I don't really advertise this place that much because I figure if anyone is really interested in Freja, they'll find it sooner or later. And I'm not really into self promotion, and this blog isn't my's honestly just a labor of love. Plus there are so many other great blogs out there that I feel honored to have any attention bestowed onto this one when the only worthy thing I've done is pick a model to write about who has an unparalleled, successful career. So thanks again, and thanks to all of you for being such great readers, supporters and contributors. I guess I'm just really lucky that Freja decided to work a lot all of a sudden! :) If she ever stops.......well, I don't want to even think about that!

Image Credits: via tFS member francyayo,, via tFS member Carla-A


Carla-A said...

You're too modest, if your blog gets promoted it's not only because you gather informations about Freja and put them up on this blog... I daresay it's because of the insightful analysis accompanying them. You DESERVE those shouts out, and even more so!

Anonymous said...

Agree. Even more so !
Keep up all the good deeds for Behans worldwide <3

Rrose Sélavy said...

^Awww, thanks for the support! And thanks for reading. I could write all I want, but if no one read anything then it wouldn't really

daisy kate said...

Freja is SO versatile. Thank you for posting the beautiful images :)

Please take a look at my brand new blog, Fashion Stereotype I've followed your blog for ages now and would really appreciate any feedback or advice you may have :) Thank you!

Monica said...

I love how dedicated and your inspirition shows through in the blogs and I love that :) how are you so dedicated to Freja and are constantly updated about her? You must research a lot :)

please take a look at my blog if you have time, i'm new!

Monica xoxo

Float Ho said...

Mo&Co ad is mediocre to me. In term of versatility I bet she can do more and the fact is she used to perform better. However I see passion and dedication in Cass's shoots which have saved my feeling because the cold Max Mara images do no justice.

Just a piece of mind. It's happy for me to see her anyway.

Miranda said...

"I don't really advertise this place that much because I figure if anyone is really interested in Freja, they'll find it sooner or later."

TRUTH. (That's the story of how I happened upon your blog at least a year ago.)