Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fashion Weeks

It's been very quiet lately, but that's definitely not unusual for the month of August. Nearly everyone is on vacation, resting up for the hectic month of September when models begin to descend en mass upon the cities of New York, London, Milan and Paris for the Spring/Summer 2011 runway season.

To get you excited (and prepared), you can browse the schedule for New York here. Those are just the designers showing at the tents (at Lincoln Center!!). Lots of designers are showing off-site so don't fret if you don't see Alexander, Marc, Jack or Lazaro on the list. Here's hoping Freja continues on with her amazing streak from last season. Any shows you're particularly excited to see her walk? Hoping to see her walk? Will be shocked if she walks? I'm excited for Alexander Wang, Marc Jacobs and Narciso Rodriquez. I just love Alex always, and Marc and Narciso are the only two shows that Freja has never missed walking for since her debut. Talk about amazing streaks....those two can't end!

Even though it's been a quiet August, there's always a fashion week going on somewhere in the world. And this time it's happening in Freja's home country. Copenhagen Fashion Week starts today and lasts until Sunday. Freja won't be walking, but that's no excuse to miss out if you love fashion and models. After all, it's where Freja got her start before landing internationally on the Prada runway. And it's where we'll most likely see new talent trying to make their marks before the September shows begin. Caroline Brasch Nielsen had a good debut last season at CPH before breaking out in Paris, and subsequently making it on to many top ten newcomer lists. If you're a model watcher than I would definitely keep your eyes peeled. Those Danes are always quite lovely and perfectly in line with the modeling zeitgeist.

Maybe August won't be so quiet after all. :)


Float Ho said...

Im holding my breath to see if Freja will walk for designers known for feminine characteristic (Carolina Herrera, Donna Karan, Oscar). I was shocked finding out that Freja opened Oscar de la Renta, the show was too glamourous and feminine for choosing Freja to open (as I read, the model that opens should somehow present the collection's spirit). But it was a pleasant surprise because what are we proud about her ? Versatility. I will literally hop around the room to see Freja at Oscar this season.

I hope she will not walk for Michael Kors. I just personally dont like Kors but well... seeing her is pure bliss, I'll just put my personal taste aside.

Ralph Lauren will be nice, I want to see a preppy, sporty Freja.

kim said...

@Float Ho: I like the sporty Freja as she has walked the Spring '10 Hermès and she looked great.
I don't think I would be surprised to see Freja walking any show anymore to be honest because her versatility has been recognized in the industry. I was initially going to say Betsey Johnson but Freja has walked Sonia Rykiel, so.... Going from the "man" to the Valentino woman brought her a lot of attention. And she has the kind of look that doesn't speak for a particular brand image.
I would love to see Freja walk Rag & Bone (I am not sure if she has) because she likes that brand. And it is more her than any other brand. I guess I just want to see Freja being herself without all the bumpits and curls.

Juliet said...

August is never quiet -everyone is getting prepared and back in routine! But I can't wait for fashion weeks!

juliet xxx

Miranda said...

I am PSYCHED to see Freja at Oscar de la Renta.