Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Come Back Round, You Sun of a Gun

In the north, there are some winter days when you wake up to find tumults of rain ravaging the snows you so adore. The pillowy frostings melt away before your very eyes from their bleached perfection until the still-green grass breaches the surface. When the rains stop, naught is left of your wonderland but the bleak and translucent patches of ice and hardening slush, hard to the touch, mottled grey with all manner of impurities. The moment is sad, but the grass is green.

It is not unlike the feeling of waking up to Freja Beha, who has finally done something. 

You see, on my phone yesterday, I alighted upon a tweet from a favourite of mine, by the name of Anders Christian Madsen. You may not know him, but he and his delightful sister (Susanne) are who my fashion world revolve around. The two partners in crime are fashion writers for the impeccable DANSK Magazine (of Denmark, don't you know), and also hold the positions senior editor and fashion features director, respectively. 

Now, said tweet was of enormous significance to my every day life, mostly because the last thirty-odd every days of said life have not been occasioned by posting on this blog (some of you know why, but the rest of you will find out all in good time). Precisely what it intoned is that our ever beloved Freja will be appearing on the cover of DANSK's S/S 2012 (10TH ANNIVERSARY) issue. Trigger: a smile that explodes.

What this means is that the magazine itself will be contemplative of a myriad of things of import, notably Justin Bieber (he had a Christmas record), Kristen Stewart (Breaking Dawn and all), and Freja, over whom I project the two will be squeeing just as much as Anders does over his weekly dose of CW tween dramas. This is because beyond simply being "dictators of taste," or whatever we are calling the fashion voices these days, these two Danes are fans of fashion and culture, and that never fails to shine through in the pages of DANSK. 

So without further ado, allow me to present to you, Freja Beha Erichsen by the phenomenal Christian Brylle for DANSK S/S 2012. 

I know right. It's fucking awesome.

Peace, love, and floating,
Gill Ford

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* "Sun of a Gun" is the lead single from Oh Land's sophomore record, Oh Land. The former ballerina took the indie scene by storm last year with the record's release stateside after enjoying critical acclaim at home in Scandinavia with her debut, Fauna. Owning the full set, I assure you that you and Alice have never seen (or heard) a Wondøland quite like this.


Anonymous said...

hmm, is it just me or is the picture of the Dansk cover not working?

Night at Vogue said...

I can't see the photo too!

Anonymous said...

good to see you back gill!

Gill Ford said...

Sorry folks, wrong link... Is this one working for you?

Anonymous said...

Love the shot! Loook forward to follow Christian Brylle -think he will be the next to wach!

balletomane3 said...

Why did the song "Major Tom" from Bowie pop into my head when viewing this cover? Hmmm.

Anonymous said...

Freja looks awesome here<3

Anonymous said...

@balleromane3: "Ground patrol to Major Tom! Ground patrol to Major Tom!"

- Irina Lazareanu

Anonymous said...

Is Dansk published in English at all?

Gill Ford said...

Anonymous 12:55 - Despite being a Danish magazine, DANSK is actually published in English :P

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just stumbled upon this video of Freja and figured that since you never posted it, you might not have seen it yet? Hehe. If you did already, sorry for the assumption. =)

Love your blog~!