Saturday, December 24, 2011

If There's A Chance She'll Break, She's Gonna Smash It To Pieces

Hi pretty people! Please accept my deepest apologies for being absent lately, university can be a witch of a different letter. I advise you all to rethink that extremely snarky email you write to a teaching assistant that falsely accuses you of plagiarizing yourself. Though hilarious in its witticisms and wordplay, it may not come off as endearing to some individuals.

This is a roundabout way of telling you that I will be addressing my inbox of praise, marriage proposals, and vicious spam over the holidays with sugar, spice, and/or bitchy delights. Happy farking Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

More importantly, these last couple of weeks have been oddly eventful for Freja, with the announcement of three campaigns and a couple other odds and ends. First up was an appearance in V Magazine's model issue (aka #74, Winter 2011). She was shot by Terry Richardson for the spread, and then cropped into the shot by means of photo shop. Not the most artistic of endeavours, but they put her beside Daria, which is almost too much gorgeous northern starry-ness to handle at once.

We also have a collection of the photos Terry took of Freja for this shoot, courtesy of the man's insistence on documenting every moment he spends with anybody awesome, which is just about everybody he spends moments with. Say what you want about his morals and ethics, but that's one thing that we can be thankful for. (Dear Lady Gaga, I hope you can see how very hard I am trying here. Like really trying.)

Yeah, so that happened, and the Europeans were like "yeh yeh yeh...", and the Americans were like "Gaga, pass the cranberry sauce," and then everyone was like "FREJA HAS BREAST CANCER! THINGS WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN!". And I, sitting at my computer reading emails in a place that looks a lot like Sweden, just with snow, decided that Freja fans had officially won the Non Sequitur of the Century Award, narrowly beating out everything Jo Thornley has ever said. I mean seriously you guys, what the fuck.

All of this was spurred on by what should have been like really happy news, being the reveal of paparazzi photos of Freja and Arizona Muse in matching Chloe dresses somewhere in California, which was later identified as a shoot for the French fashion house's spring 2012 campaign. But you know, it was an honest mistake by worried fans, so don't worry about this time too much. Just keep in mind that the moment you believe one rumour, the less likely you are to see the next one coming on the horizon.

The moral of this story is that Freja has armpits and a Chloe campaign, not mammogram scars.

So getting back to important business, what do we think about Freja bagging Chloe? Any Sigrid fans totally pissed off? While I commiserate with my second favorite Frenchie, I'm pleased that Freja has gotten another Chloe campaign: she's always been able to carry off the minimalist 70s look rather charmingly.

Finally, we also learned that Freja will be starring in the S/S 2012 campaign for HUGO by Hugo Boss! All that has been released thus far is a solitary photo of her playing at 30 seconds with Sean O'Pry, but there will surely be more along shortly with the German fashion darlings being so promotionally driven.

Well, that's it for now, but I'm sure I'll be back with more news in a mo... If you're feeling  particularly bored between this and the next post, you can play "I spy with my bionic eye something referring to Melanie C" with this post. In the meantime, I hope you all have an excellent Christmakah/Ramadan/Kawanza/Festivus/etc!

Peace, love (actually), and floating,
Gill Ford

P.S.: Hats off to Atlantic Canada for being an excellent Christmas destination. City of Lakes for the win!

Photos courtesy of, terrysdiary, and tFS user Bigmax

* "Think About It" is the lead single from Melanie C's fifth studio album, The Sea, just released the past September. Written and recorded in Copenhagen, it probs would have been even more successful if she released the remixed version (a la "I Turn To You"), but we love the Katy Perry-esque track anyway. The Sea has been quite well received by critics, and is probably one of her better records to date. You should buy it. Not just because it's great, but because Mel is an absolute sweetheart, and we were BFFs at a German airport once in 2007. Sometimes, I'm jealous of me too.


Anonymous said...

Freja and Melanie C? Props for the 50 bonus gay points you got for writing this post haha

Anonymous said...

DTOWN FTW! Welcome to the darkside Gill ;)

Dinara said...

Welcome back Gill! I hope your exams went well!

I am happy about Freja getting Chloe too! I love that she and Arizona are doing so much work together they seem so happy with each other.

Anonymous said...

It's pathetic to see you try so hard to be "snarky" or "witty" cause all that's coming across is what sounds like a 15 year old who just learnt weak sarcasm. Do yourself (and others here) a favour and get over yourself.

Anonymous said...

^ you should keep your negative opinions to yourself. gill doesn't have to write this blog and you're pissing all over her good will - if you don't like it, write a better blog and post it here so that you could be equally subject to the same negative opinions. merry christmas, asshole.

Gill Ford said...

^^ Oh I'm sorry! :( I have gotten little but overwhelming praise and support since taking over the blog, and viewership has gone up as well... As nobody was criticizing my writing, and only reacting more positively than I could have ever hoped, I just assumed I was hitting all the bases. But by all means, I am perfectly capable of dispensing with the attitude if it makes you, Anonymous 1:33, and the others you speak of, happy.

I am rather confused my your comment on this post, however, seeing as it was completely void of sarcasm and entirely straightforward. I guess that's not a very encouraging thought, that my go-to authorial tone is a weakly sarcastic 15 year old... It would be immensely helpful if you could tell me precisely what has you and the others so disappointed, and I'll do what I can to fix the problem?

Hope you and your friends are enjoying the holidays!

Gill Ford

Anonymous said...

Don't listen to the haters Gill, you've not put a foot wrong :) Happy Christmas to you and Freja!

Anonymous said...

well, i love your jokes, but i think it's a bit too much. i feel sometimes you sounds full of yourself. i guess you need to be more humble in your writing.. thats all to me.

btw, merry christmas to you all and you Freja (wherever you are).

Lillian said...

everyone has a different writing style. i for one think it's charming.
here's the thing: you and others like you read this blog because it provides new information and opinions about freja's work. behansu didn't have to write this blog in the first place, nor does gill have to continue writing this blog - your petty comments smack of immaturity and worse still, entitlement. there is no other blog like this about freja and we as readers have lucky to have good writers to who are willing to guide us.

here's a helpful suggestion for you gill: get people to register their comments section and make them responsible for their statements.

candlebougie said...

I hope the comments in her new interview (posted on tfs) are just ideas for the future and not immediate plans.

"Soon enough, when the work starts to falter or she's had her fill of it, Freja plans to disappear, too."

End her career and live on a farm somewhere.

I hope her lack of work is not a sign of her retiring.

Anonymous said...

Hej :-)
I uge 4 har vi på min skole projektuge. Jeg og 2 veninder har valgt, at skrive om 'pres på os' Altså ville vi spørge, om det er muligt at lave et interiew med dig?? Det ville være det fedeste, hvis du ville hjælpe os, da vi ikke har haft held nogen andre steder. Du kan kontakte mig på min mail

Vi glæder os til at høre fra dig.


Freja, Jessica og Karoline fra Herfølge Skole

Night at Vogue said...

I just get so happy reading your posts! You have such a nice way of writing!

darmayoga said...

nice post ... i like the blog so much ... :-)

Anonymous said...

Are you going continue to post? One entry a month is a bit low-key. Or maybe you should pass the torch to the next blogger. :-))) Just kidding.