Tuesday, October 25, 2011

By Way of Introduction

Hello, darling Freja fans...

This is one of the less awkward things I have done in my life, but do not take that to mean it is not an uncomfortable feeling to suddenly take over another girl's blog. My predecessor Rrose Selavy (Chanel bless her soul) has seen fit to leave the Freja Beha blog to me.

As I'm sure you have all been wanting to know for a very long time whether the Freja Beha blog will be continuing, allow me to clear that bit up first and foremost: the answer is YES. Having said that, pertinent readers will note in the byline that this post is not being written by your ever-beloved blogger, but some other person that you've never heard of before, unless you actually read the three or four books she submitted as comments on a few posts here. As opposed to seeing the block of text and making a mental note that reads "tldr". Or you know, maybe you just don't read comments in general.

Well, for those of you in the former group, I am afraid to tell you that chances are optimistic that you should be overwhelmingly pessimistic about what I am going to do to this blog. I am overly fond of words, and do not intend to develop short-windedness any time soon.

Everyone of the latter club, you can stick around. I am very fond of narrow-minded blog readers. Why? Because as long as you're reading what I'm writing, my ego stays bigger than Napoleon's, I keep writing, and the little Frejanites continue to squee. Are you picking up what I'm putting down?

I'm leaving my favorite blog readers for last. These are those readers who I positively adore. It will surprise those of you who have discerned my narcissism to know that these are the readers who are not here for my opinion. These are the readers that are here to discuss. It could be a comment here and there, it could be simply thinking critically about the presented material. Who knows, some of you nutters might even write a thesis on Frejanomics or something.

I say all this because if there is one thing I appreciated about Rrose's blog, it was not just the blogger's opinions, which I always found wonderfully insightful and informative. It was that Madame Selavy encouraged the growth of a community of fans around Freja Beha Erichsen. This meant that visiting her blog was not just an exposure to her musings over Freja's work, but also provided an opportunity to explore the interpretations of other fans who were likewise thoughtful.

This is something that I would like to continue during my residency here. I cannot stress enough how much value I place in the interpretation of art. That is, after all, what we do here. The dedication of this blog to the activities of one model in particular has never meant that this is an avenue for gossip about Freja's personal life. This is not a tabloid. I would prefer the descriptor not-for-profit academic journal. Given that we are discussing the artistic world, I am sure the pretentiousness of that can be excused collaterally.

I am looking forward to blogging for you all with every fibre of my being, though it would seem that Freja has been eating a few Kit-Kat bars of late. I will be keeping an eye out for news of new work from our Danish Dame, but until such a time as any arises, feel free to check out my personal blog at http://notsoswedish.blogspot.com (I post there. Sometimes.). If you are wanting a better idea of what my work with regards to Freja will be looking like, have a peak at http://thebrasch.blogspot.com.

Oh, it just so happens that I have Twitter too @notsoswedish. Do not follow me. I'm dreadfully unhilarious.

If it happens that you hate what you're reading, give me a shout, and I'll see if I can't find a better blog for you to read. Which is a backhanded way of telling you to SHUT YOUR WHORE MOUTH, which is something I would obviously never say unless we were speaking in person. All jokes aside though, I do intend to take your criticisms to heart, and if you have any concerns about my writing, please let me know. I can be reached most directly at notsoswedish@gmail.com.

Well, I guess that's all I have to say to you all for now. Except that you should probably go wax your legs, seeing as you've been reading this for two weeks or so.

Peace, love, and floating,*
Gill Ford

*It all makes total sense to you guys now, doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

LMAO.. oh Gill.. I couldnt be happier about this news. Rrose, thanks for not shutting down this blog.. you don't know how much I love this blog, sniff*.. thanks so much for both of you..
now Im looking at you Gill, lol..


Anonymous said...

thx god, the bolg comes back

Anonymous said...

yay! i've loved reading your comments in the past gill, so i'm looking forward to reading your posts!

Jasmine said...

Definitely happy to see this blog live on. going to miss Rrose's posts but am looking forward to your posts, Gill!

Anonymous said...

i think I fell in love with you! Welcome!

Anonymous said...

This made my whole month. Thank you Rrose for the work you put into the blog! And thank you Gill Ford for taking over the blog! I look forward to many laughs with you at the helm!

Anonymous said...

Finally this blog is back, I was getting worried about having to start commenting in the tfs thread (something I hate doing) to discuss the one true love that is Freja.
Looking forward to reading your posts Gill!

Aisling x

Anonymous said...

Hola Gill Ford y gracias por estar de vuelta...me encanta el blog.

y!ck said...

this made my day!!! looking forward to reading everything about Freja :)

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD. THANK THE LORD FOR THE RETURN OF THIS FUCKING AMAZING FREJANESS. Oh, and I commend you on your ability to write ever so eloquently. I'm looking forward to seeing where you'll take this blog.

balletomane3 said...

I was worried that the blog was coming to an end when I did not see any posts for so long. Thank you for continuing the effort of bringing us more Freja.

I have noticed a big drop in the number of Freja magazine covers and I don't see her as much in magazines and on gigantic store posters. Did she get too much exposure and therefore everyone has cut back on her??

Anonymous said...

tank you!
I missed your blog for along time