Sunday, November 6, 2011

Via, Via, Vieni Via Con Me

I've received a few requests to review Freja's spot for Valentino's Valentina fragrance, so I suppose that is what I'll do now in this spare minute. Directed by the incomparable Johan Renck, it's totes brill. But first of all, you lot should watch it, seeing as you probably haven't already. If you like, you can interpret that as a generalized slight at your collective inability to find shit on your own without my help. Now SHUT YOUR WHORE MOUTHS, Paolo is singing:

I especially like the 49-second segment where they shout "VALENTINA!" with varying amounts of vocal and auditory strain. Not only did they save money on script writers, they ensured that viewers went away with a solid memory of what the product was called, which is more than I can say for those various commercials concerning erectile dysfunction. Now, we can split hairs about how I can probably relate more strongly to an admirably rebellious birthday girl than I can to a depressed man with a broken penis, but in the grand scheme of things, we're talking about good advertising here, not semantics.

Sorry for the crude language, I haven't met my Sunday quota.

What I think is particularly interesting about this commercial is that as opposed to selling just a product, Valentino is clearly marketing a lifestyle, or personality, if you will. With many brands, we see the discrimination between the product and the individual who is selling it to us; in this case, Freja is playing the role of a girl named "Valentina". So what we learn from the commercial is that buying the Valentina fragrance is like buying the essence of this girl we see ditching the public celebration of her birthday for a night out with friends. She's wealthy and glamorous, but she's not phased by running about through Roma in her heels. She's fun, she knows what she wants, and she will bloody well get what she wants when she wants it. Even if she has to leap out a window.

But I'm not too snazzy when it comes to advertising. The blatant stuff, anyhow. Preferring the more artistic side of things, I have always been a little dismissive of campaigns, with the exception of the odd one that is just beauteous. This one is wonderfully shot, with the dark tones vibrant with a warmth that you feel with the elevation of yellow tones as opposed to blues (which would provide a much darker atmosphere.

Camera views are dynamic, which allow the viewer to feel like they are trotting along through the entire sequence. But this is an important thing: We are always following Valentina, always viewing things from the perspective of someone who isn't quite on her level, whether it be tracking her from above on a terrace, or from across the street. We see her progress, but we are not a part of her world. And what does this do to us? It makes us want to be (I use "us" loosely, because most of the people reading this already wanted that anyway. But I'm just saying, Valentino covered their bases excellently.).

You wanted my opinion. Well that's all I have to say. So I'll throw in Freja's as well. She probably says something about it being "rock 'n roll" (because honestly, doesn't she always?), but I'm sure you will appreciate her perspective as well.

Yeah, so what she said, and what I said, that's all that's been said. So what are you lot saying?

Peace, love, and floating,
Gill Ford

"Via Con Me" is a song by an Italian fellow name Paolo Conte. We like him. 


Anonymous said...

I was suprised how much Josefien Rodermans looks like young freja (eyes and mouth). And yeah I know, that was not related to the topic. Cool valentino add though!

Anonymous said...

The only thing I don't like about the Valentino ad is the harsh and cold lighting. It makes Freja look a bit unhealthy and even thinner than she really is. Everything else is perfect.

Anonymous said...

you're spot on, gill - i've heard simlar sentiments echoed in other blogs.

Anonymous said...

"That was gorgeous"
Something about the way she says this just makes me laugh.

I like how the ad is like 50 seconds of her smiling. That really is gorgeous.

Night at Vogue said...

I'm surprised Freja was chose for Valentino, but I do like the outcome.

Anonymous said...

Pssshh. This video was out WEEKS AGO! I can find shit on my own so SHUT YOUR WHORE MOUTH GILL FORD!

Gill Ford said...

Dear Anonymous
Here is a poem
I wrote just for you.

Inte Så Svensk Hora

Jag får betalt
Alldeles för mycket,
Alldeles för många,
Alldeles för ofta
För att det ska vara sant,
Min kära.
Jag kan inte hjälpa det
De fortsätter att komma
Tillbaka för mer.
Min mun
Och de
Tillbaka för mer.


If you didn't understand that, please refer to the lyrics of "Get Some" by Lykke Li. She doesn't use clever bilingual puns like me, but you know, the metaphor remains mostly intact.

That is all.

Anonymous said...

Do we send marriage proposals by email?

Anonymous said...

^Gill is mine, back off.

Anonymous said...

Gill, are you going to continue updating the campaigns, editorials, covers, etc. links at the top of the page?

Gill Ford said...

^ I most certainly will be; Rrose has left me with the details on what is missing, so I just need to find a free block of time to do that. Some should be updated by the end of this weekend!

Anonymous said...

"he also shot the store’s Christmas ads featuring a stately Chanel-clad Freja Beha Erichsen holding up the globe like a beach ball."

Anonymous said...

^I think she has done it before, no? but I forgot which year..

Anonymous said...

^yep, she has.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes Mr. Ford, I will always be back for more. This blog is like crack cocaine for me. I have to say that I was mildly amused by your Svenska poem. It tickles me charlie. Bravo!

Gill Ford said...

^ Let us not give Freud the satisfaction of penis envy; I'm more of a Swedish Senorita, as it were. But gender bending is less the exception than the rule on this blog, so whatever moistens your dreams, I guess.

Megan said...

absolutely loved this - "If you like, you can interpret that as a generalized slight at your collective inability to find shit on your own without my help." laughed out loud!
i blog on daria werbowy and sometimes assume that i am able to find everything first :) at least i want to find everything first lol.

Anonymous said...


I really like ths ad, she's gorgeous! Does someone know what is the brand of the dress worn by Freja Beha? I love it!